GP Antenatal Shared Care (ANSC) Program Application Form

The GP ANSC program is a partnership model of care in which the responsibility of a woman’s antenatal care is shared between an ANSC GP provider and a local public hospital maternity facility.

GPs wanting to register for GP ANSC are required to:

  1. Complete this online application form
  2. Attend an orientation/intake session facilitated by the hospital GP Liaison Midwife and/or relevant staff 
Please note: There is an expectation of previous obstetric experience and/or assumed knowledge and skills in caring for low risk pregnant women. The GP ANSC program does not provide formal obstetric training. 
CESPHN Privacy Statement
As part of the Antenatal Shared Care Program, CESPHN collects GP information (including GP name, gender, languages spoken and general practice address, phone, fax). This information is forwarded to the antenatal clinics to facilitate GP participation in the program. Additional GP information including mobile phone and email address may be forwarded to hospital GP Liaison Midwife to assist with program participation. The National Privacy Principles and Privacy Act prohibit us from releasing this information without your prior consent which is requested in this form. 
CESPHN will manage your data in line with our Privacy Policy, which complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW).
If you have any questions about out privacy policy, please contact CESPHN’s Privacy Officer –

Royal Hospital for Women (RHW) GP ANSC affiliation is not available for Registrars. However, Registrars in their final year of training may apply and attend an intake session. They will be added to the GP ANSC list at completion of GP training.

Please complete GP ANSC Supervisor details below. This does not need to be your main Supervisor but does need to be a current ANSC GP on the relevant program and a GP that you can readily access to discuss antenatal patients.

Contact information

Practice information
If you work at more than one practice, please click "Add another response" below to provide additional practice details.

1. adhere to the current GP ANSC protocols and policies
2. meet the ongoing GP ANSC educational requirements
3. maintain my APHRA medical registration
4. maintain my medical indemnity insurance